3D Game Builder

3D Game Builder provides a pre-configured OpenGL environment for game development which features a simple set of SDK functions for managing game controllers, fonts, images and 3D models.

This tool simulates the PlayStation Portable (PSP) game console format and uses the same screen size at 480 x 272 pixels.

This is NOT a Toy

Yes, this is not a toy! It was designed and developed by game developers to:

  1. Be a console simulator, allowing for serious game development

  2. Be a teaching platform, for C/C++ and OpenGL

  3. Be a simple tool with a solid set of features

  4. Be a way of delivering working game concepts to Publishers

How it Works

You develop a Windows DLL (dynamic link library) with Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 using C/C++ language and, in that DLL, you create the game entry function named gameLoop().

You start 3D Game Builder, open this DLL and your game will then start. You can only open one DLL per 3D Game Builder session.

What You Need

3D Game Builder

Buy a Controller

Visual Studio Express
for Desktop

Project Files
for Visual Studio

Help and How To

Game Builder SDK

Help Guide

Learning Materials

Game Programming

3D Anatomy 101

3D Graphics 101

3D Graphics 102
(Texture and Lighting)


(3D Game Builder)

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