3D Game Builder SDK

SDK Functions

gameSetModelLighting( int on )


Specify the lighting mode for drawing 3D models.


void gameSetModelLighting( int on )

int on

= 1 (smooth model lighting) or 0 (flat lighting)

return value

= void (nothing)


This function sets the lighting mode for drawing 3D models.

This default mode is "flat lighting" (on = 0). This results in a single shaded value for each triangle.

The other mode, "smooth model lighting" (on = 1) uses the normals as specified within the 3D model itself and results in 3 shaded values for each triangle (one per vertex / point on every triangle).

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See Also

  gameOpenModel( char * name )
  gameCloseModel( int id )
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  gameSetModelLighting( int on )

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