3D Game Builder SDK

SDK Functions

gameFlushModels( void )


Complete the drawing / rendering of all pending 3D models.


void gameFlushModels( void )

return value

= void (nothing)


This function completes the drawing / rendering process for all 3D models that were requested to be drawn using the gameDrawModel( int id ) function.

This then allows you to draw additional user interface elements onto the screen with transparency.

This ensures that the transparency and drawing results are correct for that frame. By completing the drawing of 3D models, the rendering of additional elements that overlay the background will be blended correctly for an accurate result.

For Example


See Also

  gameOpenModel( char * name )
  gameCloseModel( int id )
  gameDrawModel( int id )
  gameFlushModels( void )
  gameSetModelLighting( int on )

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