3D Game Builder SDK

SDK Functions

gameBindTexture( int id )


Bind a texture image so that it is applied to all subsequent objects drawn to the screen.


int gameBindTexture( int id )

int id

= the id number of the image

return value

= 1 (success) or 0 (fail)


To stop images being applied to drawing objects use the function with an id = 0 like this:


For Example


See Also

  gameValidateTGA( char * name )
  gameOpenTGA( char * name )
  gameCloseTGA( int id )
  gameSetAdditiveBlendTGA( int id, int set )
  gameSetSmoothTGA( int id, int set )
  gameSetInvisibleColorTGA( int id, float r, float g, float b )
  gameSetTransparencyTGA( int id_base, int id_alpha )
  gameBindTexture( int id )

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